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Str. Ion Ghica, nr. 3
Placed at just two steps away from University Square, CinemaPRO is the newest attraction in the pedestrian area of the old center of Bucharest, being the market leader of single-screen in Bucharest. CinemaPRO is the one that transformed the classic vision of the art lovers and one that opened in Romania gala premieres, festivals, concerts and red carpet, which  have been stepped over the years by local celebrities and Hollywood stars. With a refined design, the 540 armchairs, spacious foyer and elegant tray tables, the newest projection technology and sound art, eight years of exceptional events festival awards and more than 250,000 customers who have visited the theater since its launch are the business card the CinemaPRO.
CinemaPRO opened in Romania gala premieres, festivals, concerts and red carpet