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Iosif Sava School

37 Constantin Disescu Street
Iosif Sava School
With a tradition of over 50 years in educating young talents, Iosif Sava school of Bucharest represents and acknowledged institution and accredited by the Ministery of Education and Research. 
Starting with 2005, the school received the name of Iosif Sava, in the memory of the great romanian musician, and is now in a partnership with the foundation wearing its name.
Being a public school, free, accessible to all students with apptitudes from the primary and secondary school, the institution ensures the apetite of the young talents for authentic art, rejecting the subculture, vulgarity, kitch or violence, helping educating sensibility, creativity, artistic abilities necessary to all fields, focusing on the students activities. 
Iosif Sava school, known also under the name of School no. 1 is a guide for the small artists and wishes to promote young talents.