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Italian Institut

41, Aleea Alexandru
Italian Institut
The Italian Institute of Culture “Vito Grasso” from Bucharest, is an official institution of the Italian state, aims to promote the Italian language and culture in Romania by organizing cultural events designed to boost the flow of ideas, arts and science.

The Italian Institute from Bucharest was founded in 1924 as a private institution, thanks to the efforts of Romanian and Italian intellectuals including Nicolae Iorga, Eugen Lovinescu, Ramiro Ortiz, the possessor, in 1909, of a teaching position in the first Italian language and literature departments in Romania. The Italian Institute of Culture owns exhibition spaces, a conference room, a library with over 11,000 volumes and 1,000 videocassettes, and an entire floor for courses of Italian.

The Italian Institute of Culture becomes an essential reference point for Italian communities abroad, not only as a source for current information on Italian realities, but also as a center propelling the cultural initiatives and activities, thanks to a growing demand for Italian culture coming from all over the world.
Present in major cities on five continents, the 90 Italian Institutes of Culture are the ideal place for intellectuals, artists and other cultural workers.