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Aleks Fadini Group

Aleks Fadini Group


Alessandro Fadini - piano
Josiah Boornazian - alto saxophone
Jakob Dreyer - bass
Luke Markham - drums


The Aleks Fadini Group is a modern jazz ensemble formed in New York City by Italian pianist and composer Alessandro Fadini. Leaving behind his past studies in mathematics, Alessandro follows his inner musical voice into unconventional territories, exploring arpeggios and broken rhythms. His instrumental song-like compositions often have lyrics and daring improvisations. His musical accomplice is Californian-born saxophonist and co-composer Josiah Boornazian, who offers an approach that incorporates his jazz, classical and Armenian influences. At their side, NY-native Luke Markham brings his soulful and modern drumming informed by hip-hop and electronica. German bassist Jakob Dreyer provides the cohesion needed to propel this half-European, half-American band into the intensely groovy and freely improvised future of musical ideas.