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Aron Gunst Quintet

Brazil, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Holland
Aron Gunst Quintet


Aron Gunst - piano
Lucas Santana - alto saxophone
Dionysis Polygenis - guitar
Diarmuid Lally - electric bass
Marcello Cardillo - drums


Our story begins a year and a half ago, when 5 young artists got accepted to the Conservatorium of Amsterdam. Even though we haven’t met each other before, we clicked immediately, became good friends and started playing together in the very first week of school. Our band is like a family, as we live together, go out together, play in a football league together and of course play as a band together. As four our music, it is all about authenticity and diversity achieved only through the combination of our cultural backgrounds: Lucas ( Brazilian Charlie Parker) comes from Brazil , Dionysis is half Italian and half Greek, The Firing Marcello is from Italy, Diarmuid and his beautiful sound is from Ireland and I ( Aron) am from Hungary.