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Eazy Quartet

Eazy Quartet


Marco Punzi - guitar
Alessio Migliorati - flute
Francesco Marchetti - double bass
Fabrizio Carriero - drums


Eazy Quartet is a young jazz group which aims to propose a variegated musical universe, in which jazz acts as a fil rouge. The flute/guitar/double-bass/drums line-up, a quite unusual mix, gives us the possibility to search and find a sound`s originality which allows us to create multicolored and funny live sets. The repertoire includes tunes written by the Quartet’s members, ranging from fast Monk - influenced melodies to romantic ballads, from free jazz moments to ironic arrangements of popular tunes from the pop/rock book.

Eazy Quartet is active in the Milan Jazz scene and has already performed at important music events, including Area M, one of the most popular jazz festivals in Milan, Novara Jazz and during the first edition of the Italian Jazz Fest, opening for the most famous jazz guitar player in Italy, Franco Cerri.