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Lori van Gremberghe - vocal, piano
Geert Hendrickx - guitar
Anneleen Boehme - double bass
Simon Raman - drums


Raekrm is an ensemble led by Lori van Gremberghe. The band consists of 4 young promising musicians of the Belgian scene. Their music combines soundscapes, poetry, songwriting, and different contemporary jazz structures, that put a main focus on the improvised aspect, that ties it all together into an organic musical landscape. The first time they played together was in the fall of 2014. At that time, they were focusing on music done by composers such as Richie Beirach, Keith Jarrett and Kenny Wheeler. Even now some influences of the music they have started out with can still be heard as their main inspiration comes from personal visions and reflections. The compositions and lyrics leave a lot of space for interaction and interpretation for both musicians and listeners. Raekrm will be releasing their debut album in the fall of 2017.